Moving Ahead

Spring Street between Hudson and Varick. Shot on an iPhone 6, black and white conversion via Darkroom.

Still Life with Office

A new commute is always a good reminder to (A) go for more walks, and (B) pull a camera out more often, even if it’s the one attached to the phone in your pocket. In that vein, a few quick Instagrams from ProPublica’s new neighborhood in Hudson Square.

Single-digit Macaw

Yesterday we confirmed arctic weather conditions are a great time to visit a zoo with a simulated rainforest. Especially one containing brightly-colored birds suggestive of distant, sweltering locales. Posted a few more photos from the day over on Flickr.

Happy Birthday, ’Merica

NYC’s Fourth of July fireworks, as viewed from a brownstone rooftop in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Full set on Flickr.

Taco Santo

Día de Muertos-inspired lighting at Taco Santo. Park Slope, Brooklyn.